Composting is one of the most difficult functions that need to be performed and the most dangerous one too. Odor is one of the largest and most difficult to manage concerns when it comes to composting. Failure to give proper focus on the issue or to adequately addressing it might lead to complaints from surrounding areas. The odor produced through this process may harm the health of an individual and may also lead them to serious problems or diseases.

Odorcontrol possess various products and applications with are able to control the odors during composting and this is done very efficiently. The products through which the odor is controlled in composting are as following:

  • This is a high pressure unit for large municipal and industrial sites that requires extensive treatment.
  • It is used for mid pressure unit to large size sites for controlling the moderate odor.
  • Efficient in increasing the speed of composting and reducing the ammonia production.
  • Airsolution 9314: Particularly very efficient against organic waste odors which are typically found in green waste composting.
  • Efficient in Waste Water and solid waste applications.
  • Naturally formulates fermentation and decay ate large sites.
  • Most versatile environmental solution which is useful for boarding variety of sites.
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