How many of us love to go to a restaurant to enjoy a fancy and delicious meal now and then? Well almost everyone. Where on one hand the people who own or work in a restaurant are always concerned about the ambiance of the place, the service provide to the customers and most importantly the food that is cooked and served, also have another major concern to look after. That is the odor that is produced by all the food that is cooked, the garbage that is disposed and many other things in the kitchen.

The odor is formed in various ways, the food that is left over, sometimes a dish is not cooked properly, or sometimes simply because of the vegetable peels and other waste that is left from an all day’s work in the restaurant’s kitchen. The odor is not only of the foul smell produced by all the things mentioned above, but also the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that tend to grow in the waste. Sometimes this garbage also attracts many insects and rodents, making the garbage disposal area a site that is full of diseases. The restaurant needs to take proper care of their garbage disposal systems and also make sure that the kitchen is always neat and tidy, avoiding any odor to reach the customers, especially in the cases of an open kitchen.

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