Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are an important part of the waste disposal system and the municipal management. Because of the large number of garbage and all other types of waste that is always gathered at such sites, there is always a problem of foul smell in such places. These transfer stations deal with all kinds of garbage that is disposed at residential as well as commercial levels coming from all over the town or city.

The odor that is produced at such places, does not only contain foul smell, but also consists of various harmful gases and chemicals, which are dangerous and hazardous to those who come in contact with it. The people living nearby are always under a great threat of suffering from various diseases such as skin, Eye, lung and other respiratory problems, cancer and other fatal conditions. The atmosphere around such places is full of dangerous gases leaving the birds, animals, plants and trees in life threatening conditions. These sites do help in the disposal, of garbage from various parts of the city, but they at the same time, are also damaging the environment and the living beings. Therefore, it is extremely important that proper steps should be taken to ensure that the odor that is produced at these transfer stations is minimal and is free from all the harmful substances and other bacteria that grow in it.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. has always been concerned about the environment and to ensure to keep it healthy, has developed various techniques and tools to help in controlling and altering the odor at such spaces.

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